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Urocare London is a private urology clinic based in London’s top private hospitals led by Consultant Urologist Mr Maneesh Ghei.¬†Practising the highest levels of urological care using the latest techniques in diagnostics and treatment.

Here's what our patients say...

The care that I received from Mr Ghei was exceptional. He is a very caring consultant who very carefully explained each part of the diagnostic process. I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone who needs an excellent urologist.
Peter Moger
Peter M.
Mr Ghei was excellent is his treatment and diagnosis.
Steven Astaire
Steven A.
Excellent experience in the hands of Mr Ghei, consultant urologist.Having been let down by the NHS for ultrasound and cystoscopy diagnosis, a quick call to Mr Ghei secretary, and everything was arranged for almost the following day.Almost to the minute appointment times, and very comfortable surroundings.Very recommendable.
Barry Collins
Barry C.
The care given by Mr Ghei was exemplary. His bedside manner was professional, reassuring, caring and competent. He was particular to ensure everything was thoroughly checked and always with a warm smile. Would highly recommend.
raphael weisz
raphael W.
Having suffered with stones for many years I cannot recommend Maneesh highly enough. He has done more for me in a short period than any other Urologist and has been available to assist at all times.
Steven Lewis
Steven L.
Thank you for the speedy, friendly service and professionalism. Keep up the excellent work!
Kato Mpanga
Kato M.
excellent, I was very nervous when I entered and he immediately put me at ease and installed me with confidence, he was extremely thorough. I highly recommend Mr Ghei
Roy Bloom
Roy B.
Personable service and his secretary is very efficient. Would highly recommend!
Kate Jones
Kate J.
Great service, i felt comfortable and at ease with Mr Ghei and was happy to hear that i was fine.
Seye Olufunwa
Seye O.
Mr Ghei has been wonderful. My initial consultation late last year, involved discussion of some symptoms involving my urinary tract, and he was careful to explain everything I needed to know and provide full reassurance that (at that time) I needed no further treatment. Subsequently I consulted him for some post-operative issues following an inguinal hernia repair. He saw me less than 4 hours after I made the phone call to his secretary, knew exactly what was needed to alleviate my issues, and I am now well on the mend.I cannot recommend him highly enough.
John Jackson
John J.
I had a consultation with Mr Ghei who was extremely professional and reassuring. Brilliant Urologist whom I have great trust in!
Lucy Shaw
Lucy S.
I found Mr Maneesh Ghei very approachable and caring. He made it very easy for me to address my concerns and was very informative and positive. I would definitely highly recommend him.
Jenny Page
Jenny P.
Marilyn Glyn
Marilyn G.
very professional and prompt to answer my emails. Mr Ghei was supportive all the way through my series of visits.
Luca Maltagliati
Luca M.
One of the best doctor in the UK. Mr Ghei was very helpful and super professional.
Liors Skadmanis
Liors S.
I consulted Mr Maneesh Ghei as a result of complications from a recent prostate cancer removal operation at Munich Teaching Hospital on 16 February 2018. I found Mr Ghei to be very helpful, caring and with good professional skills. He assessed the problem and decided to immediately rectify the situation with another operation on 27 February 2018. Since then I feel good and my PSA is down to normal. He advised me to see him every 4 months. I saw him as recent as last week and he assured me that all is normal. Mr Ghei explained many things to me about the quality of life after prostate cancer removal unlike the German Consultant in Munich.I recommend Mr Ghei for anyone with similar health problems.Mohammad Sadik
Mohammad Sadik
Mohammad S.
From the moment I met my specialist Maneesh Ghei until last post operation the car and attention from him and his staff in the office was first class.Once I met with Maneesh he assessed my problem and identified that I was suffering excessive pain due to a kidney stone. Within 48 hours I had a scan and was in hospital being prepped for an operation to remove the stone as it was not very keen on coming out on its own. Following the operation I scared for by all in an exemplary manner and the follow up had been just as good. I would recommend Urocare to anyone and in Maneesh Ghei you have a Urologist with a wonderful manner and amazing caring nature.Thank you all.
Michael Green
Michael G.
great communication and would definitely recommend
Natalie Cole
Natalie C.
Dr Ghei is probably the nicest, kindest, most compassionate Consultant I have ever come across and I've seen plenty ! His bedside manner is first class and he makes you feel comfortable and in very professional hands. I would refer him anytime
Mark Lipman
Mark L.
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