Hormone therapy is often used in combination with radiotherapy and is used in the treatment of prostate cancer.


What Is Hormone Therapy?

Hormone therapy for prostate cancer is the use of hormones to stop the production of testosterone which promotes the growth of the cancer cells in the prostate.


Who Is Hormone Therapy Suitable For?

Hormone therapy is suitable as follows:


What Does Hormone Therapy Do For Prostate Cancer?

Hormones control the growth of cells in the prostate. In particular, prostate cancer needs the hormone testosterone to grow. The purpose of hormone therapy for prostate cancer is to block the effects of testosterone, either by stopping its production or by stopping your body being able to use testosterone.


Types Of Hormone Therapy For Prostate Cancer

There are 3 types of hormone therapy:

How Is The Hormone Administered?

Hormone therapy is administered in two different way, depending on the type of therapy:

How Successful Is Prostate Cancer Hormone Therapy?

Hormone therapy is a very successful treatment of prostate cancer and nearly every patient responds positively.


Possible Side Effects Of Hormone Therapy For Prostate Cancer

The main side effects of hormone therapy for prostate cancer are caused by their effects on testosterone. They usually go away when treatment stops. These side effect include: