The UroLift® System treatment is a revolutionary, minimally invasive approach to treating an enlarged prostate or BPH.

Key points

Why choose Urocare?

At Urocare London, our commitment to excellence in urology is driven by the expertise and dedication of our leading specialist, Mr. Maneesh Ghei. Located at leading private hospitals in London, Urocare London offers the convenience and accessibility you need. 

What is UroLift®?

The UroLift® System treatment is a revolutionary, minimally invasive approach to treating an enlarged prostate, or BPH, that lifts or holds the enlarged prostate tissue out of the way so it no longer blocks the urethra and without compromising sexual function. There is no cutting, heating or removal of prostate tissue.

Who is UroLift® suitable for?

UroLift is most suitable for men experiencing moderate to severe symptoms of BPH, who prefer a less invasive option than traditional surgery and wish to preserve sexual function. Treatment might be right for you if any of the following apply:

Urolift is not suitable for everyone. It depends on the size and shape of the prostate gland, which sometimes needs to be assessed by cystoscopy before the procedure.

Is UroLift a major operation?

No, UroLift is not considered a major operation. It is a minimally invasive procedure that can be performed under local anaesthesia in a doctor’s office or outpatient setting. The procedure typically does not require a hospital stay, making it a convenient option for many patients.

How does the UroLift system work?

The UroLift system is a day-case procedure performed under sedation or general anaesthesia. The procedure works as follows:

How long does it take to recover from a UroLift procedure?

Recovery from UroLift is typically quick, with many men experiencing symptom relief in as early as 2 weeks post-procedure. Common post-operative experiences may include:

How much does UroLift cost?

The fees for a private Urolift comprise hospital and consultant fees. The consultant fees for the procedure are £1050.

TURP vs Urolift: What’s right for me?

Frequently asked questions

How quickly can I expect symptom relief after the UroLift procedure?

Many patients report noticeable improvement in their BPH symptoms as early as 2-4 weeks after the procedure. However, individual experiences may vary, and some men might see gradual improvements over a few months.

Will the UroLift procedure affect my sexual function?

One of the key benefits of the UroLift system is its preservation of sexual function. Unlike some other treatments for BPH, UroLift has not been shown to cause new onset of erectile dysfunction or ejaculatory dysfunction in clinical trials.

How long do the benefits of UroLift last?

Clinical studies have demonstrated that the symptom relief provided by UroLift can last for at least 5 years post-procedure. Ongoing studies aim to provide further data on the long-term effectiveness and durability of UroLift.

Are there any dietary restrictions following the UroLift procedure?

There are generally no specific dietary restrictions following the UroLift procedure. Patients are encouraged to drink plenty of water to help flush the urinary system. Your doctor may provide additional guidance based on your individual health needs.

Can UroLift be reversed?

No, the UroLift treatment cannot be reversed.

Does UroLift affect PSA?

UroLift does not affect PSA.